“I highly recommend you give Mike a call he is amazing! A great guy and a talented masseur.”

Mark Webber — Adrenaline Junkie.




“This is the best massage I've ever received and I have had a lot of messages over the years. Definitely call Mike you won't be disappointed.”

Manuel Ferrara — Amateur Cyclist.




"As a daily gym goer for the past twenty years, Mike has made me realise the need for massage as part of my active recovery. He has helped me reach new goals in and out of the gym!"

Mike Lyons — Fitness Fanatic.




"I am an avid golfer with a dodgy back which gets tweaked by my game. After 18 holes on the links, I always book a massage from Mike to help work out my knots and pain. If only he could help me on the course!!" 

Henrik Sommer — Amateur Golfer.




"Mike has helped relieve my back and arm issues from sitting behind a desk all day. He has amazing techniques and tips for any office worker."

Aarav Patel — Workaholic.




"Michael is assolutamente perfetto. He is a healer in the true sense and I highly recommend him." 

Valentino Garavani. — Fashion Designer.




"If you are looking for a relaxing treat from a really nice guy, book Mike for a treatment. His gentle hands and demeanour will make your day!" 

Casey Kinnaman — Stay-at-home Dad.




"I had an injured shoulder from overtraining. Mike's massage and helpful hints on stretching allowed me to get back to normal in no time!!"

Artem Makhalov — Keen Crossfitter.




"Mike is hands down one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. "

Georgios Panayiotou — Singer-Songwriter.